Academic societies not only provides the platform for like minded individuals to come together, but also promotes knowledge generation in their field of common interested. We at AB realize societies are excellent tools for sharing and promoting research. Infact nobody understand the need of academic societies and their needs better than the academic block. Partnership with such societies forms a core section of our vision. We have a proven track record of helping academic societies with their organizations, journals and conference needs. Three broad areas where we can work with you are:

Academic Societies and Academic Block Publishers
Academic Societies working with Academic Block Publishers

1. Providing technical infrastructure like hosting your journals on our website and generate print copies.

2. Providing editorial backend software for online management of submitted articles from submission to complete review process.

3. Helping with conference organization, proceeding publication and all other related needs.

We take pride in our informed staff our capabilities in the field of publishing, design, web, print and editorial services. Our relations with many academic societies and our reputation is built on high ethical standards, excellent quality of services, and highly educated volunteers from many reputed universities across the globe. To learn more on how academic block publishers can help your society kindly contact:

List of services: ABP offers the following services to its partners societies and collaborators:

Conversion to Open Access

We can help you to convert a subscription-based journal to open access while increasing the visibility of the publications. 

Managing the whole manuscript publishing cycle

Our trained and professional editorial staff can take care of the whole manuscript publication cycle from manuscript submissions, the peer-review process, and post acceptance production process, to final online and print publication.

Fast Editorial Procedure

Due to its well stablished infrastructure, editorial and organizational team, ABP can help you to shorten the publication cycle and speed up your publication.

Strategic Development of your Journal

Our dedicated team of experts will support your journal by providing strategic plan for your publications, which ensures that your journal reacts appropriately to all market changes, challenges and needs.

Marketing and promotion of the journal

ABP offers societies marketing and promotional services for your journal. Marketing services/promotion include:

  • Your journal and society brand promotion by increasing the members subscriptions.
  • Making strategy to increase the readership of your publication.
  • Suggest a strategic advertising plan to raise the visibility of your journal.
  • Encouraging ABP members to submit articles to your journal.
  • Attracting high quality content by increasing awareness of the latest research from your journal to the research community.
  • Providing awareness about your publication at conferences to attract attention of the attendees.

Conferences Organization

ABP has an infrastructure and expertise to organize conferences. Societies, organization or Individuals have the possibility to organize its own conference using ABP infrastructure and expertise.

Offer Reprints and Linguistic services

ABP can offers reprints of any article, volume or special issue to authors and readers of a journal. Special issues can also be published in book format. ABP has a proficient team for professional English editing of the manuscript and other research material.

Optional Services and further discussions

We can discuss and accommodate any other specific needs required by an organisation. For further information and discussion of your needs, please contact ABP society liaison through mail ( ):