About Us

Our mission is:

To publish engineering and science products including books, journals, conference proceedings and other educational material. We want to bring a world of possibility on the desk of our authors and readers by providing them with the innovative and cutting-edge content, reliable publishing, advertising and marketing services. Our team is passionate about delivering the best possible publishing experience and offers highly ethical, efficient and time bound services while producing high-quality publications. We are committed to our authors, readers, business partners and employees. APB is not geared towards generating corporate profits but our mission is spread knowledge to masses mostly through best open access models.

Our vision is:

· To be a reliable liaison for authors, readers, customers, client publishers, and employees that rewards success and honor its commitments.

· To provide high quality and innovative content to the readers.

· To provide our authors with unprecedented editorial excellence

· To provide expert strategic advice and solutions to meet the publishing and content marketing needs of authors, companies and organizations.

· To be technologically focused so as to anticipate the change and give market publishing oriented solutions

· To attain global exposure so as to reach the global audience.

· To encourage ethical, innovative and open access publications.