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In line with our strict ethical advertising policy, we offer our advertisers various options to reach out to our readers and members using both digital and print platforms. Our common advertisers include:
  • Manufactures and distributors of scientific instruments.
  • Producers and vendors of software related to research and analysis.
  • Publishers of books and scientific journals.
  • Academic societies.
  • Universities and research institutions.
  • Companies seeking highly educated talent for potential employment.
  • Other related services
  • For detailed discussions about our different advertising options, kindly contact us through Email or Phone .

    Advertising Policy

    Academic Block (AB) accepts advertising and sponsorship for its print and online editions and related e-mail services (e-mail alerts) according to the following advertising policy:

    • All advertisements and commercially sponsored publications are independent of editorial decisions. Advertisers and sponsors have no inputs for editorial decisions and advertising policy.

    • Print and online advertising are different from the content. Editorial content is not compromised by the commercial or financial interests of AB.

    • Print and online content are NEVER CHANGED OR INFLUENCED to accommodate advertising and/or sponsorship.

    • AB, its editors or the editorial board does not endorse any company, product, or service appearing in its advertising.

    • AB reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement at any time.

    • Users who click on an advertising banner or other advertising link may connect to a site different from AB to view additional information. AB does not participate in, nor control such sites.

    • The advertisers and sponsors do not control the search that any user may conduct on our website.

    • Advertisements should clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being offered, they should not be deceptive or misleading and must be verifiable. The AB reserves the right to print the word "Advertisement" in any advertisement, so that editorial can be clearly distinguished from advertising.

    • Advertisements will not be accepted if they appear to be indecent or offensive in either text or artwork, or if they relate to the content of a personal, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or religious nature.

    • To avoid implied endorsement by the  AB, the article, or the authors of the article the advertisements are not placed adjacent to articles addressing the product.