Founding Fathers of America
Founding Fathers of America
Thomas Jefferson

The Paradoxical hero and Third President of the America who surprised and shocked America at the same time with his policies.

John Jay

First Chief Justice of America, Peaceful and Reasonable person in the American history yet called out to be a Traitor by few.

George Washington

The First Chief of Army, The Father of the Nation, a hero who was loved & admired by all, and The First President of America.

Benjamin Franklin

The story of a printer, inventor, businessman, politician, grand postmaster, a polished diplomat, and a true American patriot.

Alexander Hamilton

A military hero and First Secretary of the Treasury of America who gave everything for his nation yet ended up with nothing.

James Madison

A friend, a philosopher, a Politician and 2 times President of America who pushed hard for Americans to have their rights.

John Adams Portrait

Son of Shoemaker, who became Second President of America and the first one to enter The White House as President’s Residence.

Samuel Adams

Most loved revolutionary who stood up for American public against the British draconian Taxes when his nation needed him most

The Founding Fathers of America referred to the group of eight great personalities who were American Revolutionaries. They gave their sweat and blood to make America free from Great Britain. They made possible, the unity of the Thirteen Colonies and they contributed in building the foundation of the American government. Their contribution in the Declaration of Independence and forming the constitution of the United States has given a strong root to the country. Each of America’s founding fathers has uniquely contributed to the history of America. They did not just only make America understand the meaning of freedom and liberty but they also influenced other countries to fight for their freedom. The names of the founding fathers include Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, John Jay, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and Samuel Adams. All the personalities had sometimes different thinking which often clash with each other, but it is their unity in their contribution to the country that has led America to the doors of freedom. We present you the detailed stories of all the founding fathers and their roles in the revolutionary era. We will answer most of your questions, like:

  • Who are the 8 Founding Fathers of America?
  • Why is it called Founding Father?
  • What did the Founding Fathers do?
  • Who is the most famous Founding Father?
  • What are the important quotes of the Founding Fathers?