World War 1

World War I: Trench warfare, global alliances, and Treaty of Versailles – the seismic conflict that reshaped nations and defined the 20th century.

February 2024, Academic Block

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Important Events of World War I
1. Assassination of Archduke: Learn about Assassination of Archduke & its role in shaping 20th century.
2. War Declaration: Discover catalyst for global conflict, Austria-Hungary's war declaration on Serbia.
3. Germany’s war declaration: Discover the reason behind Germany's declaration of war on Russia in WWI.
4. Germany’s war declaration on France: Discover economic motivations and lasting consequences of war.
5. Battle of Mons: Uncover heroism & sacrifice at the Battle of Mons, a defining moment in WWI history.
6. First Battle of Marne: Learn about commanders, conflicts & tactics of the First Battle of the Marne.
7. First Battle of Ypres: Explore pivotal Battle, a turning point in WWI, with insights and its impact.
8. Christmas Truce: Discover lasting legacy of Christmas Truce, a beacon of hope amid darkness of war.
9. Gallipoli Campaign: Learn about its triumphs, tragedies and the enduring spirit of those who fought.
10. Lusitania sinks: Its causes, and lingering mysteries. Uncover the truth behind this wartime tragedy.
11. Second Battle of Ypres: Explore Second Battle of Ypres, where poison gas changed the warfare forever.
12. Armenian Genocide begins: Its catalysts, methods, and controversies. Gain insights into this moment.
13. Italy Alliances: Explore the reasons, consequences and debates surrounding Italy joining the Allies.
14. Battle of Jutland: Uncover the complexities of the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval clash of WWI.
15. Brusilov Offensive: Discover Brusilov Offensive of WWI, its innovative tactics, and profound impact.
16. Battle of the Somme: Understand tactics, sacrifices, and lasting impact of this historic engagement.
17. US’s entry into War: Learn about historic events that pushed the United States to join World War I.
18. Russian Revolution: Uncover the gripping story of Russian Revolution, from the Tsar to the Bolshevik.
19. Second Battle of Aisne: Delve into significance of Second Battle of the Aisne- turning point in WWI.
20. Third Battle of Ypres: Discover the sacrifices and struggles of this conflict, Third Battle of Ypres.
21. Bolsheviks’s seizure of Power: Discover clamorous events of the Bolsheviks' rise to power in Russia.
22. Armistice of Brest-Litovsk: Its negotiation, aftermath & role in shaping stormy landscape of Russia.
23. Spring Offensive: Uncover its origins, key battles, and consequences for the Germany and the Allies.
24. Battle of Amiens: A triumph of Allied forces, tactics & beginning of the end for the Central Powers.
25. Second Battle of Marne: Get into Second Battle of Marne, a crucial clash that shaped outcome of WWI.
26. Battle of Megiddo: Get to know the dramatic events, where Allied forces triumphed over the Ottomans.
27. Central Powers collapse: Delve into reasons behind their collapse and its far-reaching consequences.
28. Armistice of Compiègne: Learn about its terms, significances, and lasting effects on global history.
29. Treaty of Versailles: Discover Treaty of Versailles- its terms, repercussions, and, lasting legacy.
30. League of Nations established: Find story behind League of Nations established in aftermath of WWI.
31. Spanish Flu pandemic: Uncover mysteries of Spanish Flu pandemic- from its devastating toll to legacy.
32. Russian Civil War: Delve into victory of the Red Army over the White Army in the Russian Civil War.
33. Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye: Territorial shift, economic strain & nationalism in Central Europe.
34. Treaty of Trianon: Learn about Treaty of Trianon's lasting legacy on Hungary & neighboring countries.
35. Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine: Explore the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine- its impacts and repercussions.
36. Treaty of Sèvres: Uncover controversies of Treaty of Sèvres, shaping post - World War I Middle East.
37. Washington Naval Conference: Delve into a pivotal moment in naval disarmament and peace negotiations.
38. Dawes Plan: Explore Dawes Plan's role in stabilizing Germany's economy and shaping interwar politics.
39. Locarno Treaties: Aims and achievements of Locarno Treaties, and their relevance in fostering peace.
40. Great Depression: Know events & key figures of Depression, including President Roosevelt's New Deal.
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