Our Solar System

Cosmic dance of our solar system, where celestial bodies glide through the boundless space and time.


Sol, the Sun, the center of our solar system, and a spectacular star that holds countless mysteries.


The Mercury nestled closest to Sun, this tiny world swank features that set it apart from its peer.


The Venus stands out with its most intriguing features, its rich history, and fascinating mysteries.


The Moon, luminous celestial brother of earth, that has captivated human imaginations for centuries.

Earth, Our Solar System, By Academic Block

Earth, home planet is the third rock from the Sun. and the only known hub of life in the universe.


Mars, often dubbed as the red planet, has enthralled human imagination for centuries with its charm.


Jupiter is true giant, it commands attention with colossal size, mesmerizing features & mysteries.


Saturn, the sixth planet, is a celestial masterpiece known for its stunning looks, and iconic rings.


Neptune, a distant and mesmerizing ice behemoth that reside in the outer realms of our solar system.


Uranus, classified as ice giant, boasts the bluish-green hue of its atmosphere, & cold temperatures.


Pluto’s orbit traces a unique path around the Sun, far beyond the orbits of the traditional planets.


Eris, formally named 136199 Eris, stands as one of the largest known Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs).


Haumea, an oblong shape resembling an American football, this dwarf planet spin rapidly on its axis.


Makemake, a member of the enigmatic Kuiper Belt, is a dwarf planet that has intrigued astronomers.


Oort Cloud, a colossal & remote region of icy bodies that exists on the fringes of our solar system.


Kuiper Belt, a realm of icy wonders & a celestial wonderland that lies beyond the orbit of Neptune.


Europa, this remarkable Jupiter’s moon has piqued curiosity due to its potential in harboring life.


Ganymede, ranked as the largest moon in the solar system, this Jupiter’s moon is a celestial gem.


Titan, this celestial body is a Saturn’s moon and holds likely haven for extraterrestrial life.


Enceladus, a Saturn’s icy moon, it's icy surface gleams like a diamond in the distant sunlight.

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