Pesticides and Herbicides
Pesticides and Herbicides
Types of Pesticides

Types of Pesticides: From insecticides to nematicides, know world of pesticides. Learn their types.

Chemical Classes

Chemical Classes: Learn neonicotinoids, biopesticides & more for informed pest management decisions.

Pesticide Formulations

Pesticide Formulations: Liquid, solid, or gas – find the right solution for your crops. Your guide.

Pesticide Application Techniques

Pesticide Application Techniques: Know the methods of pesticide application for sustainable farming.

Mode of Action

Mode of Action: Delve into Mode of Action for a deeper understanding of their impact on pest & crop.

Pesticide Resistance

Pesticide Resistance: Combatting pesticide resistance. Learn all causes, consequences, & solutions.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact: Explore challenges, mitigation strategies, & the path to eco-friendly farming.

Regulatory Framework

Regulatory Framework: Learn how regulatory frameworks ensure sustainability, & global harmonization.

Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides

Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides: Learn alternatives to chemical pesticides in modern agriculture.

Slyphosate & Controversies

Glyphosate & Controversies: Health concerns, environmental impact, and safer herbicide alternatives.

Impact on Pollinators

Impact on Pollinators: Delve into world of pollinators and the challenges they face from pesticides.

Global Perspectives on Pesticide use

Global Perspectives on Pesticide Use: Explore global views: impacts, regulations, and alternatives.

Emerging Technologies In Pest Control

Emerging Technologies in Pest Control: Learn about latest technologies shaping future of agriculture.

Pesticides and Human Health

Pesticides and Human Health: Know risks, regulations, and, precautions. Knowledge for a safer world.