World War 2
World War 2

World War II: Key battles, political dynamics, and societal changes that unfolded during this monumental chapter in human history.

March 2024, Academic Block

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Important Events of World War II
1. Treaty of Versailles: A document that marked as the end of World War 1 in Germany that signed in 1919.
2. Germany Annexes Austria: Germany's annexation of Austria in 1938 and its impact on World War II & European history.
3. Munich Agreement: Historical juncture marked by diplomatic guide, & the stark realities of power politics in Europe.
4. Hitler Breaks the Munich Agreement: Hitler’s betrayal that shattered the peace in World War 2, breaking Munich Agreement.
5. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: Causes, impact & result in World War 2 that uncover the untold history of this crucial alliance.
6. Germany Invade Poland: Cause, Consequences, and historical significance of Germany’s Invasion of Poland in 1939.
7. War between Britain, France and Germany: Historic declaration of war on September 3, 1939 that ignite world war 2.
8. Operation Weserubung: Understand the impact, consequence, Controversies, and result of Invasion by Germany in 1940.
9. Blitzkrieg Campaign: Discover the lighting war and its impact and controversies on France, Belgium, and Netherlands.
10. France Surrenders Germany: Blitzkrieg tactics, political turmoil, Vichy regime, and the legacy of resistance in WW2.
11. Battle of Britain: Explore the battle and its Impact between British Cities and Nazi Germany during the World War II.
12. Operation Barbarossa: Impact of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union in the World War II’s Eastern Front.
13. Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor: Attack on Pearl Harbor that left an indelible mark on the memory of American people.
14. War between United States and Japan: Explore the reason & consequences on declaration of war between US & Japan.
15. Battle of Midway: Explore the historical context, impact, results of the battle of midway during World War II.
16. Operation Torch: A testament to the Allied commitment to defeating the Axis powers during World War II.
17. End of Battle of Stalingrad: End of Brutal Confrontation between Nazi Germany and Soviet Union during World War II.
18. Battle of the Atlantic: Discover the key factors, decisive moments and enduring legacy of battle of Atlantic in WWII.
19. Operation Husky: Discover the significance, controversies, results and its impact during the World War II.
20. Italy Surrenders to the Allies: Learn about the circumstances that led Italy surrenders to Allied Forces.
21. Operation Overlord: Explore the significance, controversies, result and its impact during World War II.
22. Liberation of France: The largest invasion (D-Day) in history to liberate Paris from Allied Forces during War II.
23. Battle of Bulge: Learn about the significance, controversies & result of the battle between Belgium and Luxembourg.
24. Liberation of Auschwitz: The horrors of Auschwitz, and the profound impact of its liberation by the Soviet Army.
25. The Yalta Conference: Discover the criticism, impact & significance of the Conference in World War II.
26. Operation Detachment: Discover the background, significance and the impact of the Operation Detachment in WWII.
27. Operation Meetinghouse: Explores the background, execution, & consequences of the bombing of Tokyo in World War II.
28. Operation Iceberg: The Battle of Okinawa that shape the course of the war in the Pacific during WWII.
29. Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt: Learn the presidency, contribution, legacy and impact of Roosevelt during WWII.
30. Death of Adolf Hitler: Discover the rise, the fall and the death of Adolf Hitler during World War II.
31. V-E Day: An event that marked the official end of hostilities in Europe by Germans during World War II.
32. From Conflict to Closure: Discover the historical background, importance, & long-term effects of Battle of Okinawa.
33. Manhattan Project: The beginning of the nuclear age & had profound meaning for science, warfare, & global relations.
34. Hiroshima Attack: Discover one of the most significant and controversial events in human history as ‘Little Boy’.
35. Nagasaki Attack: Discover the impact of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki by the United States in 1945.
36. V-J Day: Discover the events leading up to Japan's surrender, & the celebration of V-J Day during World War 2.
37. Surrender of Japan: An event that lead to the surrendering of Japan, ceremony abroad the USS Missouri, and its legacy.
38. Birth of UN: Learn about the founding, significance of the United Nations on global diplomacy in 1945 during WWII.
39. Nuremberg Trials: Discover the backdrop, conflict, and consequences of this trial during the World War II.
40. Cold War 1946: Discover the global transition from the ravages of World War II to the uncertainties of the Cold War.
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