Engineering Disasters
Engineering Disasters
Banqiao Dam Failure

Banqiao Dam Failure: Learn about the collapse of China's Banqiao Dam in 1975 and its lasting impact.

Vajont Dam Disaster

Vajont Dam Disaster: Explore its aftermath and its profound effects on communities & infrastructure.

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Chernobyl Disaster: Know the Cause, Impact & Legacy. Learn about the world's worst nuclear accident.

Sampoong Department Store Collapse

Sampoong Department Store Collapse: Failures, accountabilities and reforms that followed this event.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident

Three Mile Island: Uncovering the aftermath of this disaster, environmental effect & lasting legacy.

Hyatt regency Walkway Collapse

Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse: Discover tragic events of Hyatt Regency, the fatal disaster of 1981.

I-35w's Pivotal Moments

Mississippi River Bridge: Shocking events to reform and changes it brought to infrastructure safety.

Quebec Bridge Collapse

Quebec Bridge Collapse: Explore cause & consequences of Quebec Bridge Collapse 1907 in this article.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Discover controversies, cleanup efforts & lessons learned by engineers.

Hindenburg Airship Disaster

Hindenburg Disaster: The moment that forever changed course of airship travels and safety protocols.

Sinking of the RMS Titanic

Titanic: Explore the sinking of the RMS Titanic from its beginning to the collision with an iceberg.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Disaster: Read about the Indelible Stain on Industrial Safety & Environmental Responsibility.

Liberty Ships

Liberty ships: Uncover their role, challenges, enduring significance & disaster in maritime history.

Tenerife Airport Disaster

Tenerife Airport Disaster: Collision of errors at the Airport, resulting in catastrophies & lessons.

Challenger Disaster

Challenger Disaster: Read about a haunting reminder of the risk of space exploration in our article.