Cold War
Cold War

Cold War: Witness the tense standoff between superpowers, characterized by proxy wars, propaganda, and the threat of nuclear annihilation.

March 2024, Academic Block

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Cold War: Exploring Key Events and Their Lasting Effects
1. Cold War: Discover the rivalry between the US & Soviet Union & the legacy of clash & uncertainty in its wake.
2. Yalta Conference: Learn about the Conference that shaped post-war Europe, divide Germany, and made key decisions.
3. Potsdam Conference: Explore the pivotal Conference of 1945, shaping post-war Europe and cementing its division.
4. Division of Germany: Discover the division of Germany into four zones post-WWII, that ignite the East-West tensions.
5. Marshall Plan: Learn how this Plan aided Western Europe post-WWII, countering communism & promoting economic revival.
6. Operation Vittles: Learn about the Berlin Airlift, Soviet blockade, Western allies' airlift, and Cold War tensions.
7. Formation of NATO: Learn about the historical context, key events, and significance of NATO in 1949.
8. Chinese Communist Victory: Explore the pivotal Victory, led by Mao Zedong, shaping China's history & global geopolitics.
9. Korean War: A pivotal conflict on the Korean Peninsula, involving North & South Korea backed by global superpowers.
10. Warsaw Pact: Explore the historic Pact, a pivotal Cold War alliance countering NATO's influence in Eastern Europe.
11. Hungarian Uprising: Discover the bold revolt against Soviet control, its causes, impacts, and enduring legacy.
12. Suez Crisis: Explore Conflict and its impact over the canal involving Egypt, Israel, France, UK & Cold War powers.
13. Cuban Revolution: Discover the Fidel Castro's Revolution that reshaped Cuba and influenced global politics.
14. U-2 Incident: Uncover the dramatic events in Cold War history, as stress escalate between the U.S. & the Soviet Union.
15. Berlin Wall Construction: Discover the significance, impact, and its consequences during the cold war era.
16. Cuban Missile Crisis: Explore the tense standoff of the Crisis as USA and USSR faced nuclear war in Cold War history.
17. Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty: Explore a pivotal agreement to halt atmospheric nuclear tests signed by the USA, USSR, and UK.
18. Vietnam War: Discover the causes, impact, controversies, and its lasting effects of the War during cold war era.
19. Helsinki Accords: A pivotal moment in Cold War diplomacy, shaping human rights, security, and international relations.
20. SALT Treaties: Explore the significance & impact of the SALT Treaties in reducing nuclear arms during the Cold War era.
21. Afghanistan Invasion: Learn about the 1979 invasion, its causes & lasting consequences on geopolitics and conflict.
22. Evil Empire Speech: Discover the Reagan’s iconic speech, its legacy, impact and consequences during cold war era.
23. Gorbachev’s Reforms: Explore Gorbachev's transformative reforms Glasnost, Perestroika, and its impact & legacy.
24. Reykjavik Summit: Learn about summit meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland.
25. INF Treaty: Learn about the treaty signed between USA and USSR to eliminate the certain types of nuclear weapons.
26. Fall of Berlin Wall: Discover the impact, its significance and consequences of the fall of Berlin wall.
27. Eastern Europe Revolution: Explore the transformative Revolutions in Eastern Europe that led to the fall of communism.
28. German Reunification: The unity of East and West Germany, explore the historic event of German Reunification of 1990.
29. Dissolution of Warsaw Pact: Explore the historic dissolution of Warsaw Pact, its impact that marked the end of war.
30. Coup Attempt in USSR: Uncover the failed coup against Gorbachev in 1991, that signaled the Soviet regime's decline.
31. Independence of Baltic States: Explore the historic triumph, impact and struggle of Baltic States in 1991.
32. August Coup: A failed attempt by hardline Communists to seize control, accelerating the collapse of the Soviet Union.
33. Dissolution of USSR: Discover the historic event surrounding the dissolve of the USSR, reshaping geopolitics forever.
34. Malta Summit: Explore a pivotal event in Cold War history, its key players, outcomes, & impact on global geopolitics.
35. START Treaty: Learn about the Signature of START between USA & USSR to reduce nuclear arsenals by the end of the cold war.
36. Fall of Soviet Union: Explore the historic events leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
37. Russian Federation: Explores the formation of the Russian Federation & its transformation into a post-Soviet entity.
38. Collapse of Communist Bloc: Explore the pivotal events and factors that led to the collapse of the Communist Bloc.
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